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Using your own horseshoes to create a lasting memory & keepsake




At Bushes Forge we understand first hand, the special bond between our horses and riders, we have a riding school of dedicated ponies, horses and students, situated in the heart of Dorset we have been here for more than four decades. 


With a life full of happy memories, long hacks and loving times together, your companion will undoubtedly be missed when that time comes. A feather is symbolic of freedom, travel and their resting place. Feathers also look beautiful, with each one being unique, just like your horse is. 


We take your horseshoe and with all the care, transform it into an ornamental keepsake, so it can always be on show. Contact us on the form below for more details. 

Bushes Forge is located at Bushes Equestrian Center. The Forge is nestled under a small group of ancient Yew Trees in Dorset in our Orchard. The location has always given me a great sense of peace and inspiration. Each feather or heart develops its own shape and personality. When it is finished, it will be posted back to you. You may wish to have an image of your horse produced in digital form, to help you remember in the best way.  

Bushes Forge memorial feather

Forever Feather

Hand Forged £30.00

Remember with this unique keep sake.  


Memory Love Heart

Hand Forged £25.00

Turn your shoe into a horseshoe love heart to remember them by. 

Horse memorial prints


Your Horse Print. £17.50

Tastefully rework any image to create a digital copy for you to print with full rights.

Forged Love Heart
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Bushes Forge memorial feathers
If you would like to place an order for any of the above please message us using the form below or email

You can find us at: Bushes Equestrian Centre, Stourpaine, Dorset, Dt11 8SU

Because Life is about Love and Memories

Hearts and Feathers